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19th December 2018


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8th November 2018

  The Best Of Mike Yarwood

A new day and another new addition to our comedy section
  Billy Liar

Another one of the comedy section
  An Audience With Jasper Carrott

Comedian Jasper Carrott provides us the entertainment in this LWT series
  The Benny Hill Show

Titles to the Benny Hill Show added from 1987

7th November 2018

  Absolutely Fabulous

AbFab added to comedy programmes
  All This And Christmas Too

Sid James and Kenneth Connor star in this one-off comedy by Yorkshire Television
  An Audience With Jasper Carrott

Comedian Jasper Carrott provides us the entertainment in this LWT series
  The Benny Hill Show

Titles to the Benny Hill Show added from 1987

6th November 2018

  All Star Mr and Mrs

All Star Mr and Mrs added to the Game Shows section

Countdown added to the Game Shows section
  The Weakest link

Yet another addition to our game shows section

1st October 2018

  Inspector Gadget

The first of our imported programmes added is Inspector Gadget

Thunder, thunder, thunder, thunder Thundercats
  Home And Away

Titles added from 1989
  Prisioner Cell Block H

Credits added from 1988

Titles added from 1999
  Points Of View

Titles added from 1999
  Songs Of Praise

Titles added from 2009

1st October 2018

  BBC Television Centre

New section with lots of pictures of the former home of BBC TV
  Birth Of A Station

first factual programme for the site about the formation of TVS
  Blackadder Rides Again

A look at the history of Blackadder for our factuals
  British Style Genius

Another programme added to our factuals section
  Central Post

A regional programme in the Central region
  Dad's Army - Missing Believed Wiped

A documentary about finding lost episodes of the classic comedy
  First Night On Meridian

Documentary about well the name says it all
  Mike Yarwood - This Is Him

Documentary about the mimic Mike Yarwood

Long running BBC news programme added to factual

Long running BBC documentary strand added to factual
  Question Time

BBC political programme added
  Question Time Extra

BBC political programme added
  Planet Earth

  Search Out Science

Science schools programme
  Working Lunch

Added to factuals

9th September 2018


Clip from 1989 added
  Z Cars

Classic BBC drama added
  Auf Wiedershen Pet

Auf Widershen Pet also added to our drama and soaps section

Clip from 2009 added
  Coronation Street

Clip from 2009 added
  The Bill

Clip from 2008 added

Watchdog added to lifestyle programmes
  Gardeners' World

Credits added from 1989

8th September 2018

  Doctor Who

New drama section added and its a big one, so big we had to split it into sections as we look at all the incarnations from Hartnell to Capaldi

7th September 2018

  One Foot In The Grave

Classic BBC comedy series added
  Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em

Yet more classic BBC comedy added to the site

6th September 2018

  Man About The House

Less controvrsal 70's comedy added

5th September 2018

  Love Thy Neighbour

Controversal comedy from the 1970s added

3rd September 2018

  At Last The 1948 Show

this classic programme from Rediffusion added to our comedy section

17th August 2018


the first programme added to our drama and soaps section

14th August 2018

  The Trap Door

classic children's programme added

13th August 2018

  Television South

lots of new content, new pictures, video clip of the final moments and lots of information

5th August 2018

    Yorkshire Television

New section added
  Granada Television

Various endcaps added to this section and two 1960s vt clocks
  Central Television

Yet another endcap added to our Central section, this time from 1990
  Rediffusion London

Endcap added to our new Rediffusion London section
  Thames Television

Our endcaps continue over on Thames
  ATV London

Two more endcaps added

Images added of the Southampton studios shortly before their closure in 2004
  ATV Midlands

Various endcaps and VT clocks added along with images around the opening of ATV Centre in 1970

Even more endcaps added to our LWT section
  Southern Television

Images showing the launch of Southern in 1958 also building of new studios in the 1960s added
  Blue Peter

Images from various episodes in the 1970s

3rd August 2018

    HTV West

New section added for what was the HTV West region
  Southern Television

New section added for the former ITV south franchise holder Southern Television
  Television South West (TSW)

New section added for the former holder of the ITV South West Region, Television South West (TSW)
  Scottish Television

SMG endcap added to the new Scottish Television page
  Associated Rediffusion

Camera picture added to the new Associated Rediffusion page
  Central Television

Central endcap from 1989 added

2nd August 2018

    Thames Television

New section added for the former ITV London weekday broadcaster Thames
  TVS Television

New section added for the former ITV south and south east broadcaster Television South (TVS)
  Granada Television

New section added for the creator of Coronation Street, Granada

1st August 2018

After a refurb on the site to make it more user friendly we are back with loads of updates

    Adverts A

New advert added for Applefords Cluster, the album Anything For You, Allied, Ariel Rapide, Ariel Tablets, Argos,  and Andrex
  Adverts B

New adverts added for Beaverbrooks, Buf-Puf, Bananarama, Bernard Matthew's Mini Kievs, Black & Decker, Bic 5 Microglide, Bernard Matthew's Turkey Steaks, Bio-Tex B & Q, Bassett''s Jelly Babies, Bulmer's Woodpecker Cider, Boddingtons, Brands Soup, British Airways, Budweiser, Benson And Hedges, and Birds Eye Country Club Peas
    Adverts C

New adverts added for CGU, Clearasil, Cadbury's, Country Life Butter, Cream Anthems, Cadbury's Dairy Milk, Cambian Airways, Carling Black Label, Courage Best, Cedar Holdings, Cinzano Bianco, Cafe Hag, Camay Chic, Cream Silk, Cheese It, Comet, Crown Solo, Castrol GTX, Crunchie, Cook Electric and CO-OP Leo's
    Adverts D

New adverts added for Dairylea, Del Monte, Davidoff Cool Water, Dollond & Aitchson and Domestos.
  Adverts E

New advert added for EA 007 Nightfire.
  Adverts F

New adverts added for Fry's Crunchie, Flash, Frontline, Ford Mondeo Zetac, Fosters, First Alert Smoke Detectors and Foster & Allen along with a load for Fairy Snow.
    Adverts G

New adverts added for Go Ahead Bars, Go To Work On An Egg, Gold Leaf, Gillette Super Silver, Grolsh, Guinness, Gateway Getaways, Go Cat, Girobank and The Greatest Hits of House
    Adverts H

New adverts added for Heinz Salad Cream, Heineken, Honda, Haze 2 In 1, Hoockh Lite and Halifax Cardcash
  Adverts I

New adverts added for Impulse and Imperial Leather
    Adverts J

New adverts added for John Smiths, Jacob's Nutana and John West Tuna 
    Adverts K

New adverts added for Kellogg's Bran Flakes, Kent Cigarettes, Knights Castle, Kenco, kronenbourg 1664, Kellogg's Crunchy Nut Clusters, Kellogg's Sugar Smacks, Kitkat, Kattomeat, Kellogg's Rice Krispies, Knorr Recipe Sauces, Kellogg's Start and Kwik-Fit
    Adverts L

New adverts added for Link, Lockets, Lytil Lucozade NRG, Lynx, Lucozade, Look-in, Lyons Maid Fab, Lyons Maid Orbit, Levis 501Light Philadelphia, Lucozade Orange Barley, Lyons Maid Zoom, LouLou Perfume and Liquid Flash
    Adverts M

New adverts added for M & M's, Morrisons, McDonalds, Murray Mints, Murphy's Fast Flow, Mars, Milk, Melitta Coffee, More Magazine, Mellow Birds Coffee, Macleans, Marquee Club Album, and Milk For Sport
    Adverts N

New adverts added for Nintendo 64, National Lottery, Nationwide Anglia, Natwest, Nationwide and Nike Air
    Adverts O

New adverts added for Orange, One 2 One, Ovaltine Light, Oatibix Bites, Odoreaters, Oxo, Oil of Ulay, Old Spice and Our Price
    Adverts P

New adverts added for Philadelphia, Pot Noodle, Playstation, Pinta People, Peugeot 306, Pampers, PC World, Persil, Permoglaze, PG Tips, Pretty Polly and Pepsi
  Adverts R

New adverts added for Ryvita Minis, Reger, R Whites Lemonade, Remmington Electric Shaver, Reward Soap, Rainbow Superstore, Radox, Ryvita, Rolling Rock and Rowntree XXX Mints
    Adverts S

New adverts added for Shawrood's Noodles, Smith's Square Crisps, Smash, Senior Service Extra, Scotchguard Protector, Sanatogen, Sprite, Specsavers, Sony Mini Disc, Southern Comfort,  Seven Seas Cod Liver Oil, Standard Life, South African Airways, Smith's Crisps, St Ival Gold, The Sun, The Sun Lotto, Strepsils and the Sunday Express 
    Adverts T

New adverts added for Timotei, Taunton Cool, Team Cereal, Tia Maria, Travelcare, Tunes, Timex, Toffee Crisp, TCP, Texas and TV Times  
  Adverts V

New advert added for Vax, Visit Scotland and Vicks Chloraseptic
    Adverts W

New adverts added for Woolworths, World Network, Wilkinson Sword, Wall's 3d Cornet, Walker's Crisps, Walker's Popadoms, Wisdom Toothbrushes and Woman Magazine
  Adverts Z

New advert for Zal added
  Adverts Numerical

New advert for 555 Cigarettes added
  BBC 1 Presentation   1985 - 1991

Various new bits of continuity and trailers for this section
  BBC Two Presentation   1986 - 1991

Various new bits of continuity and a trailer for Lucky Sunil for this section
  BBC 1 Presentation   2006 - 2017

Various new bits of continuity and trailers for this section
  BBC 1 Presentation   1964 - 1969

New section about the presentation during the mid to late 1960s
  BBC One Presentation   1997 - 2002

Another new section this time about the globe era on BBC 1
  BBC One Presentation   2002 - 2007

And one more new BBC One section
  BBC 2 Presentation   1991 - 1997

The first of two new sections for BBC 2 presentation
  BBC Two Presentation   2007 - 2014

and the second one
  BBC Three

A new BBC section about the now defunct digital channel
  BBC Four

BBC Four section added
  BBC Alba

BBC Alba section added
  BBC News Channel

BBC News Channel section added
  BBC Parliament

BBC Parliament section added
  CBBC Channel

CBBC Channel section added
  BBC Scotland

The first of the BBC regions to be added, Scotland