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20th July 2017


We will update this page whenever we update out site so you can view the newest material with ease. The site is currently small but we have plenty to add to it so "Keep Em Peeled"

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18th July 2017

Adverts A

Adverts added for Allied Carpets, All Clear Shampoo, Anadin and Andrex
Adverts B

Adverts added for Baxter's Soup, B&Q, Bermuda and Butlins
  18th July 2017

Please Sir!

Classic comedy staring John Alderton and Deryck Guyler
  Billy Liar

TV adaptation staring Jeff Rawle
17th July 2017

Doctor Who

Another day another doctor, not the one you may be thinking of but the first doctor William Hartnell and titles from the first programme
16th July 2017

All This And Christmas Too

The one off comedy staring Sid James and Kenneth Connor added
  Nearest and Dearest

Another old ITV comedy added,  this time it's Nearest and Dearest
15th July 2017

Cockleshell Bay

Cockleshell Bay added to the Children's programmes section
Jamie and the Magic Torch

Another classic Cosgrove / Hall production for our Children's programmes section
Button Moon
Another addition to the children's section is a classic as we follow Mr. Spoon to Button Moon
One last kids programme before going to work... it's Rainbow
14th July 2017

Count Duckula

The spin off from Danger Mouse, Count Duckula, is now available on our children's section
13th July 2017

Danger Mouse

The greatest secret agent in the world makes an appearence in our children's programmes section
Chorlton And The Wheelies

Another addition to our children's section is the 1970's classic Chorlton And The Wheelies
12th July 2017

ATV Midlands

A new section about this iconic company
11th July 2017

Search Out Science

First of out factual programmes adeed - this one is Search Out Science
Adverts B

Butlin's added
Adverts D

DMS HiNet added
Adverts E

Exchange Travel advert added
Adverts G

Adverts for Guardian Royal Exchange Assurance and Grundig added
Adverts H

A Hellmann's Mayonnaise advert from the early 1980s added
Adverts I

Ind Coope's Burton Ale
Adverts T

Technics and Tefal joins this adverts page
10th July 2017

Doctor Who

We have started adding Doctor Who - starting with Sylvester McCoy's doctor, we will be adding one doctor per week to this section so keep watching
BBC Two Continuity

Continuity for the programme Rally Report added to the BBC Two 1986 - 1991 section
BBC Scotland Continuity

Continuity for Bergerac and Doctor who added to the BBC Scotland section
BBC 1 Continuity

Continuity for the programmes Doctor Who and Bergerac added to the BBC 1 1985 - 1991 section
9th July 2017

London Weekend Television (LWT)

A frontcap and endcap from 1986 added to the new section looking at the former holder of the ITV London weekends region LWT
Beadle's About

A new section added which will have information about some well remembered entertainment programmes. So to begin out new section we just need to say 'Watch Out.. Beadle's About'


A new section added which will have information about some well remembered children's programmes. We start with ChuckleVision

8th July 2017


A new section added which will have information about programmes which are not British but still are well remembered here.

Our first programme covered is the 1980's cartoon Thundercats

7th July 2017

The BritSet is Back

We have had a revamp and yes the site is a lot smaller than before (at the moment) but we will be looking to bring you much more content in the coming weeks and months. We will be cleaner, easier to navigate, work better on mobile devices and have more information, clips, pics and other content than ever before

Welcome back to the UK's Home of TV History - www.britsetarchive.com