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24th October 2017


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24th October 2017

David Copperfield

Period drama staring Bob Hoskins, Zoe Wannamaker, Trevor Eve and a young Daniel Radcliffe
27th September 2017

Terry & June

Comedy from Terry Scott and June Whitfield as Mr. and Mrs. Medford
To The Manor Born

Comedy staring Peter Bowles and Penelope Keith added
Whatever Happened To The Likely Lads?

Well they ended up in our comedy section
The Two Of Us

Final comedy for this evening is this one from the 1980s staring Nicholas Lyndhurst
24th September 2017

One Foot In The Grave

We start Sunday with the miserable and grumpy in the form of Victor Meldrew
Oh Doctor Beeching!

Paul Shane and gang return on the railways
On The Up

Dennis Waterman stars, writes the theme tune, sings the theme tune
Open All Hours

Ronnie Barker, David Jason and Lynda Baron star in this shop sitcom
Surgical Spirit

Final update for today is this surgical comedy about the sharp tounged Shelia Sabatini
23rd September 2017

It Ain't Half Hot Mum

Another comedy from Croft and Perry added
Keeping Up Appearances

More BBC comedy with the Buckets
22nd September 2017

BBC Maida Vale

A new section taking a look at the BBC's Maida Vale studios, once home to the BBC Radiophonic Workshop
BBC Broadcasting House

A new section taking a look at Broadcasting House, home to BBC News

This classic comedy added as we have just returned from our holidays in a similar establishment
21st September 2017

Absolutely Fabulous

The first of our new comedy section is Ab Fab
Are You Being Served?

The staff of Grace Brothers also make an appearance in our comedy section
The Detectives

Rob and Louis are the detectives who are great at solving crime... well sort of
Ever Decreasing Circles

Richard Briars, Penelope Wilton and Peter Egan star
Fawlty Towers

No introduction needed to this one
Fist Of Fun

Finally for today this BBC 2 comedy from the 1990s which is a bit of a rarity
20th September 2017

Alias The Jester

Another cartoon from the stable of Cosgrove Hall added to our children's section
Avenger Penguins

They were crime fighters, bikers and of course penguins

Yet another crime fighter that super hero teddy bear SuperTed
Victor & Hugo: Bunglers In Crime

We go the other way with these two French villians in this great cartoon
The Wind In The Willows

Another classic children's programme added
The Wombles

Classic children's telly with those characters from Wimbledon Common
Worzel Gummidge

A final update for today with the late great Jon Pertwee playing that slightly irritable scarecrow
17th September 2017

Adverts P

Pontin's, Persil Automatic, P&O Ferries and more added
Adverts Q

Another 3 adverts added to our Q section
Adverts R

Also 3 adverts added to our R section
Adverts S

Lots of new old ads for this section including for Scotland, Selfridges, Skol and Shop Electric
Adverts T

Adverts including those for Tennets Extra, Topic, Trusthouse Forte and Tesco added
Adverts V

Three more added here also
Adverts O

One of four new adverts sections
Adverts W

Adverts Y
Adverts Z

Finally a new section for Z
16th September 2017

Adverts N

More adverts added this time beginning with the letter N
13th September 2017

Adverts I

New adverts for this section include for Ice Revue, ICL, Intellivision and even the Isle Of Wight
Adverts J

A couple for J for John Bull and Jaeger
Adverts L

Lloyds Bank, L'Oreal and more
Adverts M

Lots of new adverts here (well new in the early 1980s anyway)
12th September 2017

Adverts G

More new old adverts from the 1980s including for Greece, Gas, Germolene and Glints beyond others
Adverts H

Hearty Soup, Hoseasons, Halls Mentholyptus, Hofmeister and more
  10th September 2017

Adverts A

The first of many adverts updates from the early 1980s today including ads for Alfa-Romeo, Allied Carpets, American Express and Arrid Dry
  Adverts B

Updated with more adverts for Baileys, Barclays, Biactole and Bird's Angel Delight
BBC 1 Presentation   1981 - 1985

A new section about presentation on BBC 1 in the early part of the 1980s
BBC 1 Presentation   1985 - 1981

Our COW page (why COW??? check the page out) has been updated with lots more continuity
BBC 1 Presentation   1969 - 1974

BBC 1 continuity from the early 1980s and a behind the scenes look at a BBC 1 closedown
BBC 1 Presentation   1991 - 1997

BBC 1 continuity for Doctor Who in this new section
BBC 1 Presentation   2006 - 2017

Trailer for the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who
BBC 1 Presentation   1964 - 1969

Couple of stills from the black & white era on BBC 1
Adverts C

Updated with more adverts for Cadbury's Dairy Milk, Cannon, Canadian Pacific, Comfort, Chanel No 19, Carling Black Label and many more
Adverts D

Yet more ads including for Daz Automatic, Diet Coke, Denys Fisher Doctor Who Toys and more
Adverts F

And even more adverts
9th September 2017

Associated Television (ATV) London

The first of our new ITV sections start with ATV London
Central Independent Television

Central serving the Midlands also added
Television South (TVS)

What a great station TVS was here in the south and we have one of their break bumpers on ere
HTV West

Three endcaps added to the HTV West section
Yorkshire Television

Liquid Gold frontcap added from 1987 along with some endcaps
  Tyne Tees Television

Several frontcaps and endcaps added to the Tyne Tees section
  ITV Promotions

Season '83 Trailer added
5th September 2017

That's My Boy

Comedy staring Christopher Blake and Mollie Sugden
You're Only Young Twice

Comedy set in a retirement home staring Peggy Mount
Two's Company


Paul Bray and Emma Wray star in this romatic comedy from the 1980s / 1990s
Blackadder Rides Again

25 Years of Black adder marked in this documentary from Christmas Day 2008
Dad's Army - Missing Believed Wiped

One off documentary looking at the recovery of a couple of lost episodes
Mike Yarwood - This Is Him!

One off documentary looking at the work of mimic genius Mike Yarwood
Can't Smeg Won't Smeg

The Red Dwarf alternative to Can't Cook Won't Cook
The Coward Revue

Noel Coward with Dad's Army... an unusual combination
Doctor Who Live - The Next Doctor

Who could it be?
Chelsea At Nine

Inspector Gadget

And finally one for our imported programmes its the worlds most handy inspector
3rd September 2017

Comedy Playhouse

We take a break from children's programmes for now and look at comedy and the first of many hnew sections start with Comedy Playhouse
Dad's Army

This needs no introdction other than it's one of my wife's favourites
George And The Dragon

Sid James and Peggy mount star in this late 1960s comedy

Thora Hird stars as a captain in the Salvation Army
It's Mike Yarwood

The first of three updates featuring the mimic genius Mike Yarwood
Mike Yarwood's Christmas Show

For the second it's Christmas with Mike Yarwood
Yarwood In Town

The final Yarwood based section is Yarwood In Town from 1982
Love Thy Neighbour

One of those "from the 1970's" shows... you have been warned
Man About The House

Richard O'Sullivan, Paula Wilcox and Sally Thomsett star in this great little comedy
The Mighty Boosh

Bit more up to date now with the surreal Mighty Boosh
My Husband And I

Mollie Sugden and William Moore play a married couple in this sitcom (they were married in real life too)
Only When I Laugh

Hospital comedy with three men who just don't want to leave... ever

On the other side we have Norman Stanley Fletcher in this classic comedy
The Rag Trade

LWT's version of the factory sitcom added to our comedy ensemble
Second Thoughts

Another hit LWT comedy added
Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em

Classic comedy with the clumsy but loveable Frank Spencer
Steptoe And Son

Yet more classic comedy with rag and bone men Albert and Harrold
The Stanley Baxter Big Picture Show

First of the specials from comedy legend Stanley Baxter
The Stanley Baxter Hour

The Stanley Baxter Moving Picture Show
The Stanley Baxter Picture Show Part III
Stanley Baxter On Television
Stanley Baxter's Christmas Box

The final of the Stanley Baxter updates and our final update for this evening. Good night everyone
2nd September 2017

Topper's Tales

4 Idle Hands

ATV children's drama with a young Phil Daniels
Warrior Queen

Also another children's drama, this time a historical one about the times of Boudicia
Wreckers At Dead Eye

You Must Be Joking

Comedy sketch show for children staring Pauline Quirke, Linda Robson and Jim Bowen amongst others
1st September 2017

Super Gran

She's got more bottle than United Dairies, hang about, look out for Super Gran


Children's time-travelling sci-fi drama
The Tinga And Tucker Club

A rare look into this 1960s ATV show
Tom Grattan's War

Children's drama set in the first world war
31st August 2017


A young Phil Daniels appears in this ATV drama
Roberts Robots


Scarey children's stories in this series from Thames
The Siege Of Golden Hill

Children's drama set in the world of council corruption and teenage gangs

Yet more children's drama in our children's section
Soldier and Me

The final children's programme for this morning is Soldier and Me
30th August 2017


ITV's challenge to Blue Peter added to our children's section
Michael Bentine's Potty Time

The Potties also join our children's section
Mr. Trimble

Yet another children's show from the 70s
Music Man

Anyone remember this one?
Nobody's House

Children's drama about a family whose house is haunted by a ghost they have names Nobody
Once Upon A Time

ITV's answer to Jackanory?
The Paper Lads

Another from the archives of Tyne Tees

Another craft based show this time from Thames TV
Pauline's Quirkes

Comedy of the children's variety but can you guess the star of the show (see above)

A programme for pre-school children with Hartley Hare
A Place To Hide


Titles added to the first ever episode of Rainbow and things were a little bit different back then
29th August 2017

Black-Adder II

The first of our Blackadder updates is the addition of series 2
Blackadder Goes Forth

We meet Edmund Blackadder again this time during the first world war
Blackadder Back & Forth

Baldrick and Blackadder create a time machine with this one off for the Millennium
Blackadder The Cavalier Years

Also added is this Comic Relief special
Blackadder's Christmas Carol

Finally some christmas cheer or a distinct lack of it in his Christmas Carol
Bless This House

And on the other side we have Bless This House staring Sid James
Z Cars

Final update for this morning is the iconic police drama Z Cars
28th August 2017

Little Blue

This cartoon about a blue elephant has been added to our children's section
The Magic Ball

Another cartoon added. this time about a boy in an ordinary seaside town except of course his magic ball
The Magic Fountain

Answers on a postcard if you know any more details on this one

More endcaps added as well as their famous zoom ident
27th August 2017

Issi Noho

Hope you are enjoying your bank holiday weekend, here is the first update this cartoon from the 1970s

Another kids show this time from 1971
The Jensen Code

More from the 1970s with this children's drama
Just William

Schoolboy antics
The Kids From 47a

More from the 1970s for out children's section
The Laughing Policeman

Deryck Guyler stars as PC 254
London Weekend Television (LWT)

Moving away from children's programmes for a bit we have updated the LWT section with various frontcaps and endcaps as well as other btis of presentation
Thames Television

A new section dedicated to the former ITV London weekday company (and now production company) Thames Television
Granada Television

Another new section for the ITV company Granada
Maid Marian And Her Merry Men

Classic children's programme not from the 1970s
26th August 2017

The Ghosts Of Motley Hall

Another day, another 1970s throwback

A cartoon voiced by Tim Brooke-Taylor
Hickory House

A programme for younger viewrers where household objects come to life
Hold The Front Page

Slapstick comedy fo the newspaper variety added to our children's section
The Intruder

Another children's drama added
25th August 2017

Children Of The Stones

A new day, a new old children's show, this time another drama in Children Of The Stones
Daisy Daisy

A kids show from Granada, if anyone has more details please do get in touch
The Danedyke Mystery

Children's detective drama featuring a young Tessa Peake-Jones
Escape Into Night

Children's drama from ATV added
Fly Into Danger

Another drama from ATV's children's department
The Feathered Serpant

Yet more children's drama this time set during the time of the Aztecs
Follow Me

Even more children's drama added

And yet another 1970s children's drama
Get It Together

A not a 1970s children's drama but a quiz type show instead
24th August 2017

Arthur Of The Britons

The first of several updates to our children's programmes is this 1970s drama
Boy Dominic

Another children's drama added, this time set in Victorian Yorkshire

Also added the classic children's programme staring Geoffrey Baylon
22nd August 2017

Doctor Who


We have added all the missing doctors each with their own mini section from Hartnell up to and including Capaldi
20th August 2017

The Adventures Of Black Beauty

Classic drama added to our children's section
  Animal Kwackers

Another one from the 1970s for our children's section
  Anything You Can Do

Children's quiz from the 1970s
16th August 2017

Duty Free

A bit of sun in our comedy section in Duty Free
Home To Roost

Another comedy from Yorkshire Television staring John Thaw
14th August 2017

Ace Of Wands

Tarot joint the Children's section
13th August 2017

Grange Hill

Classic children's drama added to our Children's section
A Handful Of Songs

Perhaps not as well known is this show for yound children which ran for nearly 400 episodes
Henry's Cat

An 80's classic this cartoon from Bob Godfrey
  12th August 2017

Bless Me Father

Sitcom staring Arthur Lowe now in our comedy section
Waiting For God

Also now in comedy is Waiting For God starring Stephanie Cole and Graham Cowden
11th August 2017


Classic comedy woth no other than Eric Sykes (and Hattie Jaques, Deryck Guyler and Richard Wattis obs)
  9th August 2017


Another day, another comedy with the 1980's sitcom staring the late great Ronnie Corbett
  Cloppa Castle

The first of several 1970s children's programmes to be added in the coming days 
  Gammon And Spinich

An obscure story based show added to our children's section
8th August 2017

Doctor Who

Sorry about the wait on this one but hope it's worth it as we have added two sets of titles from the Jon Pertwee era
Auf Wiedershen Pet

While we are looking at drama we also added this classic from the other channel

Another classic with the loveable rogue Lovejoy
  The Good Life

We join Tom and Barbara with this unoffensive comedy (a rarity in the 1970s)
  Hale & Pace

Another comedy in our comedy section as we are joined by Gareth and Norman
  Mrs. Brown's Boys

Bit more up to date now with what was voted the best comedy of the 2010's (and we certainly don't disgaree with this), the brilliant Mrs. Brown's Boys
7th August 2017

Curry and Chips

This comedy with Eric Sykes and Spike Milligan which they probably wished they hadn't done
Going Straight

The spin-off comedy to Porridge added
2nd August 2017

Red Dwarf

A new section (and a rather large one) about this great comedy series
1st August 2017

Cooper's Half Hour

The final series from this master of comedy if not magic.
31st July 2017


Lets start from the bottom of our pile of updates, we have been busy preparing more content for the site starting with this.

Another classic comedy added
23rd July 2017

The Comedians

Another 1970s show for our comedies section
18th July 2017

Adverts A

Adverts added for Allied Carpets, All Clear Shampoo, Anadin and Andrex
Adverts B

Adverts added for Baxter's Soup, B&Q, Bermuda and Butlins
  18th July 2017

Please Sir!

Classic comedy staring John Alderton and Deryck Guyler
  Billy Liar

TV adaptation staring Jeff Rawle
17th July 2017

Doctor Who

Another day another doctor, not the one you may be thinking of but the first doctor William Hartnell and titles from the first programme
16th July 2017

All This And Christmas Too

The one off comedy staring Sid James and Kenneth Connor added
  Nearest and Dearest

Another old ITV comedy added,  this time it's Nearest and Dearest
15th July 2017

Cockleshell Bay

Cockleshell Bay added to the Children's programmes section
Jamie and the Magic Torch

Another classic Cosgrove / Hall production for our Children's programmes section
Button Moon
Another addition to the children's section is a classic as we follow Mr. Spoon to Button Moon
One last kids programme before going to work... it's Rainbow
14th July 2017

Count Duckula

The spin off from Danger Mouse, Count Duckula, is now available on our children's section
13th July 2017

Danger Mouse

The greatest secret agent in the world makes an appearence in our children's programmes section
Chorlton And The Wheelies

Another addition to our children's section is the 1970's classic Chorlton And The Wheelies
12th July 2017

ATV Midlands

A new section about this iconic company
11th July 2017

Search Out Science

First of out factual programmes adeed - this one is Search Out Science
Adverts B

Butlin's added
Adverts D

DMS HiNet added
Adverts E

Exchange Travel advert added
Adverts G

Adverts for Guardian Royal Exchange Assurance and Grundig added
Adverts H

A Hellmann's Mayonnaise advert from the early 1980s added
Adverts I

Ind Coope's Burton Ale
Adverts T

Technics and Tefal joins this adverts page
10th July 2017

Doctor Who

We have started adding Doctor Who - starting with Sylvester McCoy's doctor, we will be adding one doctor per week to this section so keep watching
BBC Two Continuity

Continuity for the programme Rally Report added to the BBC Two 1986 - 1991 section
BBC Scotland Continuity

Continuity for Bergerac and Doctor who added to the BBC Scotland section
BBC 1 Continuity

Continuity for the programmes Doctor Who and Bergerac added to the BBC 1 1985 - 1991 section
9th July 2017

London Weekend Television (LWT)

A frontcap and endcap from 1986 added to the new section looking at the former holder of the ITV London weekends region LWT
Beadle's About

A new section added which will have information about some well remembered entertainment programmes. So to begin out new section we just need to say 'Watch Out.. Beadle's About'


A new section added which will have information about some well remembered children's programmes. We start with ChuckleVision

8th July 2017


A new section added which will have information about programmes which are not British but still are well remembered here.

Our first programme covered is the 1980's cartoon Thundercats

7th July 2017

The BritSet is Back

We have had a revamp and yes the site is a lot smaller than before (at the moment) but we will be looking to bring you much more content in the coming weeks and months. We will be cleaner, easier to navigate, work better on mobile devices and have more information, clips, pics and other content than ever before

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