On The Air 22nd November 1986 - 31st October 1996
Current Status Earlier episodes available on DVD
Production Company London Weekend Television (LWT)
Episodes 30
Jeremy Beadle    

Beadle's About was an entertainment show presented by prankster Jeremy Beadle. People would write in for Beadle to play a prank on their friend / relative ect like pretending to crush their car or a sureal job offer, Beadle would then come out at the end, usually disguised as an official or other charactor which his mic to see the reaction of the person when they realised it was a setup. The show, which followed on from 'Game For A Laugh' was a staple of Saturday night telly for a decade

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Beadle's About [Titles]
22nd November 1986

Titles to the first episode


Beadle's About [Credits]
22nd November 1986

Credits to the first episode