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Welcome to the UK's home of TV History - the BritSet Archive.

Here at the BritSet Archive we will take you on that trip down memory lane and look at the history of British television from the beginnnings of TV in the 1930s right up to the current day.


We will be taking a look at the programmes that have appeared on our screens over the years, we will also look at the adverts between some of them, the public information films which told us not to talk to strangers, the idents that appeared before our favourite shows, the companies that were behind it, the people that appeared on our screens and the studios in which the whole thing happened.


This is only the beginning, we will be adding more content and features in the days, weeks, months and indeed years to come. We have only scratched the surface of what we have and we will make the site bigger and better as time goes on.

To begin your journey down memory lane select a section either from the bottom of the page (under the title Main Sections) or from the menu at the top of the page (represented by the Menu Icon button)


Thanks for watching and welcome to the UK's Home of TV History - The BritSet Archive.



During 2022 we will be reviewing and updating the pages on our site. We will be re-witing many of the sections to add in even more information about that subject, correcting any errors and also adding lots more content.

This may mean for a time that some pages feel a bit different to others - please bear with us as there is a lot for us to get through but we know the end result will be worth it. It is going to take a bit of time to work through it (alongside my day job and studying for my degree)

Thanks you all your support and keep em peeled on the "What's New " section for details of what we have updated

Thanks for Watching


These are the most recent updates on the BritSet Archive  

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8th January 2022

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Section returned
7th January 2022

Changing Rooms
Section added
7th January 2022

The Weakest Link
Section returned
6th January 2022
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